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The Estimating Module is used for creating Product Costs and Prices which are stored on Estimate Files and printed out for quotation purposes if desired. Items can be copied from one estimate to another and can also be copied to the Production Order Processing Program.

One-off products are priced by simply entering the material codes, quantities, sizes and labour times in accordance with the specification. Data can be entered in whatever form the estimator finds most convenient, but for accuracy, data is best entered on an individual component part basis if possible.


Products of a repetitive nature can be specified in a parametric format using the formula and variable facilities so that the products can be saved then copied and modified by changing overall sizes, variables and materials to quickly reproduce an alternative specification. Numerous product designs can be created and stored in this way where they can be easily located and copied to new estimates then modified to suit.

On completion of the data entry for a product the direct cost will be calculated according to the material and labour data specified, and the selling price calculated by applying overhead rates and profit margins to suit the users circumstances.

A summary of material and labour cost together with gross profit and selling price can be displayed on the screen and if desired "what if" tests can be applied by manipulating the data. For example, if a predetermined selling price is entered, the gross profit will be recalculated, or alternative-selling prices can be calculated by entering a different gross profit percentage or hourly profit rate. The product can also be modified by changing materials and waste rates, or the batch size, and the revised cost and selling price will be recalculated automatically.

Printed reports can be produced for each product showing the detailed material cost, labour time and overhead build-up together with the data rates specified. A summary report for the whole estimate showing the total materials and labour cost plus labour hours and gross profit can be printed together with a list of priced items for attachment to a quotation.

"Data can be entered in whatever form the estimator finds most convenient"

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